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Springs Masonry offers top of the line masonry services in Colorado Springs and surrounding areas. We are the best choice for masonry contractors in Colorado Springs. Specializing in residential and commercial masonry, our skills allow us to Repair and Restore any type of masonry architecture. Our expert masonry contractors have vast knowledge of the brick industry from years of experience. We give you the best diagnosis at an affordable rate. We are the professionals in building you a new home, or reshaping your fragmented masonry into its earlier beauty.

Springs Masonry works on many different architectural structures in Colorado Springs. Our contractors are top rated and accredited in the area. Our past projects are recognized for their superior craftsmanship and beauty allowing you to be matched with the best skillsets for your project.

Expert knowledge at reasonable rates, we work with you and your budget.

Our Colorado Springs masonry contractors meet your budget with their product knowledge and expertise. Feel free to take a look at the many wonderful services that we offer and contact us so that we can help guide you in the right direction.


Brick pathway with green shrubbery overgrown beautifully

If you own a home or commercial space, there is a strong possibility it was built with stone and other masonry materials. Masonry is any structure built from individual units which are arranged and held together with mortar. Any part of a building comprised of stone or brick is presumably masonry. Brick and mortar is extremely durable, but just like anything else, they experience wear and tear. A structure can express this by showing signs of distress in places where there should be strength. If your masonry is in need of repair, it could be showing signs that include: chipped or cracked bricks, deteriorating mortar, discoloration (which could indicate that the brick has now began to hold onto moisture). If these types of indicators come to your attention, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (719)-417-8814. Click here to learn more

Concrete or stone retaining walls hold back lateral pressure points and can be aesthetically integrated into their environment. These walls have great compressive strength and will last many years without needing maintenance. The reinforcing temperament of concrete masonry substantially improves the tensile strength and ductility. This gives the wall a higher load resistance. Cantilever retaining walls hold a footing or base that supports a vertical masonry wall in position. This will resist overturning and slipping caused from sideways soil loading. The reinforcement placement is engineered to to resist the forces developed by lateral earth pressure. Click here to learn more

The temperature outside drops but that doesn’t mean you cant still enjoy the changing seasons. Turn any backyard or patio into a multi-season common area. Just like candles, fire pits can add an extra level of ambience to your outdoor space. This can stimulate a sense of closeness between friends and family that gather around its blaze. Fire pits offer a great and tactile form of entertainment.

Take a break from the digital world that surrounds us and make time to connect with nature in s unique way. Tending to a fire brings fulfillment over the course of an evening. Lastly, fire pits offer great cooking opportunities. If theres one thing that really gets us back to the core of who we are, its cooking over an open flame. Make it as complicated as slow roasting a pig or as easy as toasting some marshmallows. Click here to learn more.

Springs Masonry offers flexible patio installation & restoration services, perfect for any budget. Walkway or step installations have a variety of options to choose from. We asses the best choice to fit your practical and aesthetic goals. Our Colorado Springs patio contractors assist you every step of the way in determining your options.

Creating a new patio design doesn’t have to be hard. You can easily restore original beauty, functionality and value with many of our processes that we have developed over the years. We never want our work to be forgotten which is why we strive to create forms that leave lasting impressions for years to come. If you shop with us, we promise that you be satisfied with your investment. Click here to learn more

When it comes to the health and safety of your home, the foundation is the most crucial. If the foundation is like the heart, you’d want to make sure you’re healthy for the entirety of its life. The body of your home is no different. When something comes up, you want to make sure you catch it quickly enough to make a correction and set preventative measures in place. All foundation settling is due in point to soil movements. after all the earth is alive and she’s going to move around here and there. You will notice very obvious symptoms occurring to your home if the foundation is settling past the point that it should. You may notice that doors and windows no longer shut how they should and do whats called “sticking.” If you’d like to learn more about other signs related to a deteriorating foundation, click the link below. Are you located on the east coast and looking for foundation repair? We can still assist you via our trusted partners. Don’t hesitate to reach out today for more information. Click here to learn more

Our Mission Statement and Vision

Community Outreach

Our masonry efforts at Springs Masonry take great pleasure in giving back to the local community in Colorado Springs and surrounding areas. A happy community is a strong community and that is the backbone of a prosperous and flourishing economy. Because of this, we raise money at a local community in Colorado Springs. We believe its not enough to just provide outstanding masonry services. We want to ensure that our community and neighbors are taken care of and provided for. We are all sharing this beautiful state of Colorado together.

Our Commitment To Our Customers

At Springs Masonry, we make it our mission to provide an excellent customer support experience. Sure, we are the top residential masonry experts in the area. But, we are also taking care of our customers every step of the way. We understand the concerns that our customers may have regarding the many different types of masonry architecture on their property and it can be a major decision to move forward with a project. This is what our masonry experts thoroughly educate and communicate to you and help guide you through the entire process without leaving anything of question. We take pride in our level of commitment you and are here to follow up with your online inquiries around the clock. Because of you, we wouldn’t have the success we have today. Thank you for choosing Springs Masonry a Keystone Masonry company.


So no matter if you desire a privacy fence or a retaining wall to stone entryways and fireplaces, our expertise is professional and reliable. We provide structural and decorative masonry services for any type of residential or commercial construction projects. Many of our past clients have hired us for different styles of CMU(Concrete Masonry Unit), in any type of construction.

Repaired Retaining Walls, Stone and brick Patios, Fire pits & BBQs, Stone and brick Veneer, Veneer applications, Brick foundation repair, Patios, Decorative Walls, Brick Work, Masonry Repair, Restoration, Custom Masonry, CMU removal and replacement, Rebuild of damaged mortar joints, Matching mortar or matching the mix, Concrete patching and repair, Fabrication of architectural stone and Terra-cotta architectural characteristics, Tuck-pointing also called repointing, texturizing existing mortar, Column, wall and porch restoration, Concrete patching and repair, Any form of Terra-cotta patching with Jahn Mortars by Cathedral Stone.

Patch Carving to equal preexisting architectural characteristics, manufacture of architectural stone and Terra-cotta architectural attributes using custom mold making and casting materials, Infilling near and around windows, doors, holes,Paint , Any type of masonry application, Steel angle iron and header installation, Arch reconstruction and repair, Current or future window and door spaces in masonry walls, Slight stucco repairs, Masonry Sealing and weatherproofing, Paint stripping/removal, Epoxy injection, Pressure washing and cleaning of masonry units and surfaces as well as the indoor and outdoor water-less masonry cleaning system used for industrial areas, Helical or stitch tie installation, Potassium silicate and mortar repair staining, Chimney Cap Replacement, Fabrication and Replication of any plaster feature.

Anything imaginable we are able to recreate and bring life, and breath back into any exterior or interior masonry or plaster building features. Pieces that are no longer in production we have the ability to create again using our advanced modeling technology. We can do onsite mold making or offsite and install the fabricated pieces in the field. Any one of these pieces can be replicated to match the exact work and color of the pre-existing architecture. Many of these listed services we have used on our past projects throughout Colorado. Some other types of services our clients have used include: Ornate plaster, Parapet caps, Ledge pieces, Stone: Carved stone ledges, Window tracery work, Ornate carvings, Sculpture, Capitals, Window sills, Door and window surrounds, Fireplace surrounds, Corbelling, Mantles, Any/other stone detailing, Plaster: Plaster capitals, Ceiling work, Ornate detailing, Medallions,

Anytime a new piece is created we use high strength casting materials, and reinforce them as required. New plaster pieces are created with the highest quality materials including: high strength resin and fiber-reinforced plaster. We use TERRACOTTA to create ornate and masonry unit replications. It doesn’t matter what type of building you’re looking to have work done to, we are available for: town halls, churches, historic schools, government buildings, city and state capitals and any other historic structures.

Now if your still not convinced that we are the masonry experts in the greater Colorado Springs area, then here are even more of our services offered:

New Masonry Construction

•Masonry retaining wall, column, decorative
and privacy wall construction

•Masonry patio, porch, walkway, step, barbecue, 
and seating wall construction

•Retaining walls

•Caulking installation

•Masonry fireplace façade installation

•Stone mantle and hearth installation

•Brick and stone interior wallscapes

•Time capsule and memorial construction

We are available any day anytime of the week so please feel free to reach us @ (719)-417-8814 , Additional Services: Project Consultation and planning, Project budgeting, Contact us for an estimate today! (719)-417-8814 Email: springsmasonry@gmail.com, Cathedral Stone Products Certified

Residential and Commercial Restoration, We are trusted with a select few of Colorado Springs top Masonry companies. We are a referral site and will refer you to the #1 rated contractor in your area free of charge.

    5 star review  When I had a damaged brick wall in my house, I was glad to know that they gave me excellent service. They sent out an expert technician to repair the damage and he did a great job. It was very affordable too!

    thumb Victoria Love
    February 9, 2022

    5 star review  My experience with the company was a positive one. They did a great job on the brick repair.

    thumb Darrell Russell
    March 9, 2022

    5 star review  They came out and evaluated the situation and they gave us an estimate of how much it would cost to rebuild the block wall. It took them a couple of days, but they were able to rebuild it for us - at a very reasonable price.

    thumb Kellie Richardson
    March 9, 2022
Retaining Wall
Decorative Wall
Brick Wall Construction

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